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Gerardo Gacharná Ramírez - Colombia

Interactions between people and tools have fascinated Gerardo Gacharná. He tries to express that through many of his models. He has been particularly influenced by traditional origami. Although he usually folds paper, he has also experimented with media like metal, plastic, and fabric. Through his practical works, Mr. Gacharná wishes to spread origami within everyday life, explore its potential as a craft, and become an excellent origami artisan. In a different venue Gerardo has also started experimenting with themes through origami designs. With this, he wishes to exemplify its possibilities regarding substance and introduce himself into the arts.

Gerardo Gacharná was born in and lives in Bogotá, Colombia. He did not have any formal education in art or design, but he has taken independent classes in “product design”, “package design”, and “design with paper”. Mr. Gacharná edited the book “Practigami”, wrote the prologue of the Pajarita 2013 special issue, and published an article about the creation process of “Shopping Bag”. He was interviewed for the electronic fanzine Mini Neo; he is also a member of its staff. Besides that, he has given a lecture entitled “Creating through the Frankenstainian Method in Origami” for an international origami convention. Mr. Gacharná has participated in different amateur exhibits and has had solo exhibitions in two higher education institutions.

If you wish to contact Mr. Gacharná, you can send a message to him at gerardo(a)neorigami.com

Sanja Srbljinovic Cucek - Croatia

Turned to origami art in my early forties, in 2005, after visiting exhibition Masters of Origami in Salzburg. Promoting origami art became my passion and some years later even my mission. In 2008, I set the first origami art exhibition in Croatia with international origami masters "Poetry in Paper“. On my way to bring together local origami talents, initiated origami art shows, took part in various art and science promoting events, which led to founding Croatian Origami Society in 2012. I write a blog Origami Art Novosti, run Croatian Origami Society, publish and exhibit my origami works both home and abroad. Graduated in English Language and Literature, at University of Zagreb in 1986. Member of the British Origami Society since 2007, President of the Croatian Origami Society since 2012. Taking part in the Mujeres de Papel project.

Zelimir Zlatic - Croatia

Zelimir Zlatic is a chemical technician from Zagreb, Croatia. His first introduction with origami was in the mid-1980's, thought a book by Dragutin Gerić “Origami - the art of paper folding“. After few decades of practicing classical origami he discovered an origami book that opened the door towards modern paperfolding, „Origami Tessellation: Awe-Inspiring Geometric Designs“. Playing with folded pleats he discovered new forms to use them later as rhythmically repeated motifs or tessellation molecules.

In 2010s, after a period of learning and interpreting other authors ideas, Zlatic took courage and started to develop his ideas to create his own designs.

Since 2015, he became a member of Croatian origami society (Hrvatsko origami društvo) and since 2017 a member of american association OrigamiUSA.

In last 2 years he was an author on exhibitions held in Croatia, in the city of Samobor, Rijeka and Zagreb. Zlatic was a demonstrator on Origami workshops organised for kids in Narodno Sveučilište Sesvete, Zagreb and a participant in manifestations of popularization of science called Znanstveni piknik in Zagreb and Rijeka and Open day of Institute Ruđer Bošković, a manifestation organised in Institute Ruđer Bošković, Zagreb. Zlatic was also a participant in manifestation Days of Japanese culture held in Zagreb and in 40th International Book Fair and Teaching School called Interliber in Zagreb.

Paul Jackson - Israel

Born near Leeds, England and Fine Art educated, Paul Jackson has been a professional paper artist, paper engineer, writer and teacher since 1983, specializing in origami and the folded arts. He was one of the first origami professionals in the West.

He has written more than 40 books, the first of which were origami books for adults and children. His more recent books have been about the application of folding techniques into design, a subject he has taught in more than 80 Universities and Colleges in 13 countries, to Design Students of many disciplines, including Fashion, Architecture, Ceramics, Jewelry, Product Design and Textiles.

He was one of the pioneers of folding/origami as Fine Art and has exhibited his folded artworks in many galleries and museums. He has also curated several ground-breaking exhibitions of origami, undertaken many commercial commissions for print, screen-based media, festivals and more, and has been a consultant for companies such as Siemens, Nike, Tetra-Pak and Tata.

In 2000, he married the Israeli origami artist and educator, Miri Golan, founder of the Israeli Origami Center (1993) and moved to Israel. Miri and Paul founded the Folding Together project and the Origametria programme of using origami to teach geometry. In 2018, Origametria was accepted by the Israeli Ministry of Education into the National Mathematics Curriculum and is studied weekly by 30,000+ children of Primary School age.

In 2017, he was awarded the Sydney French Medal at the 50th Anniversary Convention of the British Origami Society, ‘in recognition of his outstanding contributions to origami’.

He lives in Herzliyya, Israel and holds duel UK and Israeli citizenship. He still hopes one-day, to open the batting for Yorkshire.

Oriol Esteve Gracia - Spain

Born in Barcelona, 1972. Started to fold since child, very fond of traditional origami. In 2013, with Enrique Martinez and Joel Garcia Moix, created the OAS (Origami Always Succeed), a quick creative origami group for social challenges in public places. With OAS, started to design own origami models. Designs usually published in "La pajarita" (spanish origami association). Also in convention books like Tanteidan, Origami USA or collections books like Drawing Origami 2. Interested in intermediate level models. Animals of the wood and jungle. Expression before realism.

Lisa B. Corfman - USA

Born and raised in Eastern Massachusetts, Lisa B. Corfman works as a mixed-media origami artist, with origami (the art of paperfolding) serving as the connection between multiple mediums.

Fondly recalling praise for her art skill throughout her youth, this support inspired Lisa's deep love for the visual arts. Whether Lisa is creating, teaching or entertaining with her origami art form, Lisa wants to meet the needs of others with her unique skillset.

In Lisa's early study of art history, the pointillist work (a technique using painted dots rather than strokes) created by Georges Seurat and titled "A Sunday on La Grande Jatte," particularly intrigued her. She feels studying art history is essential to forming a sophisticated voice as an artist. Lisa is now very interested in origami history and enjoys recognizing pioneers in the field.

In 1999, Lisa graduated from Acton Boxborough Regional High School, and matriculated to Endicott College in Beverly, MA where she would receive her BFA. There she took a full range of art classes, from studio arts, to education, to graphic design to art therapy; this pushed Lisa to become a well-rounded art professional. The career path to success was not easy. Art and the healing origami crane helped her before, during and after tough times, giving Lisa a story to tell.

At Endicott, Lisa found her direction. When studying under Professor Barbara Burgess-Maier, Lisa refined her drawing skills becoming exceptionally good at charcoal drawing; Burgess-Maier said “Draw what you love,” so the charcoal drawing of origami series was born. Lisa became a poet under Professor Dan Sklar; Sklar said “Write anything!” at a poetry slam, so Lisa began crafting poetry about things important to her. Origami was one of them. More valuable undergraduate mentors helping Lisa find her career came from Professor Tali Silver, Professor David Bader and Dean Mark Towner. The interest in origami grew on her, and today all of Lisa’s art forms revolve around origami. Although Lisa found the process of becoming an established artist to be rocky, Lisa knew origami was her rock, a concrete ability. Lisa received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2004.

The following poetic words provide historic perspective.

By the sea, OR
In the basement before tea
Whenever and wherever inspiration may be"

"By the sea" refers to Lisa’s seaside education at Endicott College where the first four charcoal drawings of origami were created during the Spring of 2004; a fifth transitional piece referred to in the above poem as "OR" marked the change from college to professional work. That 5th charcoal artwork featured origami master Michael LaFosse's Horseshoe Crab, drawn at his studio, Origamido, then in Haverhill, MA. Michael is the greatest inspiration to Lisa’s career. Lisa may have been subconsciously thinking of him and his role model, Yoshizawa Akira, when she wrote the following poem in August 2004 as she started a job as a live-in aide for a grandmother figure:

"This is it
My hope for time
The crossing of generations
My hope for many rhymes"

The ritual of "In the basement before tea" began in August 2004. The deeper meaning of verse was a place reviving Lisa's poetry and inspiring the many 18” by 24” charcoal drawings to come. Even though Lisa relocated to a place without a basement where tea is not served at dinnertime and doing art at other times of day is normal, the general poem still has metaphoric implications. With a fold, a poem, fine jewelry, a drawing, and so much more, origami is Lisa’s passionate place to inspire.

In May 2014 she attained her Advanced Certificate in Marketing from Dowling College in NY. This training helped Lisa strengthen her business skills including the act of developing and building her website, www.RockyArtsUnfolded.com.

Lisa’s business, Rocky Arts Unfolded has a philosophy to differentiate itself by embracing the term “disabled.” DISABLED is an acronym for ‘Determined Individuals Striving and Beating Limitations Encountered Daily.’ Rocky Arts Unfolded believes that we all begin by feeling disabled, similar to an untouched rock. To become a polished rock, we move from ‘finding’ the rock by the sea, ‘struggling’ to understand it and starting to sculpt its form so this rock can ‘blossom’ into perfection. This process results in the power to ‘amaze’ with our metaphoric rock.

Lisa carefully wrote her company’s mission: Rocky Arts Unfolded® aims to enable artists and non-artists alike to blossom with a secure ‘rock’ of achievement. Together, we embrace paper’s wonders through origami goods and services. With our ecosystem of paperfolding options, we bring out the wonder, help you find your rock and provide environments for growth. It's the origami place!

Rachel Katz - USA

The photos by Cliff DeBear

Rachel Katz is an artist who specializes in origami (The Oriental art of paper folding). She is co-author of FUN FOLDS: Language Learning Through Paper Folding; and several of her original models have appeared in collections both in the United States and abroad. She is a N.Y.S. licensed teacher. Ms. Katz has become noted, not only for the art of paper folding, but also for her ability to entertain while emphasizing skills within the curriculum.

In addition to memberships in various origami associations, Rachel is the founder of L.I.F.E. (Long Island Folding Enthusiasts). Click here for information about L.I.F.E. Rachel honed her skills as a K-12 substitute teacher, a classroom teacher, scout and 4-H leader.

She was an elected library trustee and has various other community involvements. She is married to Martin and they have two grown sons, Geoffrey and Howard.

For the past 30 years, Rachel has been presenting her unique programs, which blend origami and storytelling, to groups on Long Island and beyond. From pre-schoolers through staff development and at various venues including Hofstra University, C.W. Post College, Long Island University her origami programs convince anyone that they are capable of learning this beautiful art form. She is a New York State certified arts-in-education "visiting expert" and her presentations can be funded through B.O.C.E.S. (Board of Cooperative Educational Services).

Rachel's presentations range from small group instructions to assemblies of several classes followed by smaller group workshops. Each participant learns to make origami models to take home. When presenting more than one workshop, each group learns something different to share with the others. This keeps the level of interest in origami growing.

An exhibition of award winning origami by children is available for only the cost of first class mail and insurance to any group that has a locked showcase. For information contact: info@origami-usa.org

A "Master Folder, " Rachel has been so honored by Origami USA. (A not-for-profit arts organization headquartered in the American Museum of Natural History.) This honor focused on her extensive teaching and sharing of the joy of origami. She has been involved with many creative endeavors of this prestigious group including the annual Christmas tree for the museum. She is a regular presenter on many aspects of origami at the annual convention held in New York City attended by over 700 people from the U.S. and many foreign nations.

If you'd like to contact Rachel Katz, please send email to: origamiteacher(a)yahoo.com

Marc Kirschenbaum - USA

Marc Kirschenbaum is a leading American origami artist who has been active with the art form since the 1970’s. He has developed hundreds of designs, covering a wide range of subjects. These works have appeared in over fifty books that he has either authored or contributed to. Kirschenbaum’s pieces have been shown in major origami exhibitions (including the American Museum of Natural History, The Smithsonian, Mingei International Museum, and Hangar-7), small and sheik SoHo shows, and even a private exhibition at the prestigious National Arts Club. He also gives back to the origami community through his volunteer efforts at OrigamiUSA, a premiere international origami organization, in both capacities as a Director and Chair of the Publications Committee.

Edmund Liang - USA

Born in San Francisco, California in 1999. Has been folding since the first grade. Loves to spend free time playing video games or watching anime. Is currently studying Computer Science: Computer Game Design at UC Santa Cruz.