Legal Notice

Materials on this website are in the ownership of the Origami Place Museum Community (OPMC) and should not be copied.  The rights and ownership remain with the origami creators.  Please visit us for inspiration and to learn more about what is possible with the art form of origami.

For research purposes only available upon request are:

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Origami Copyright Information

Robert Lang and several others had their crease patterns (CPs) copied (the folding marks of their origami designs).  Those CPs were the origami creators’ copyright.  The offending artist did change the works slightly by altering colors creating a different feel.  Although a gray area given the designs were derivate works, the case was settled and attributed became a requirement.  Learn more at Robert Lang’s website at: and

The national organization for origami, OrigamiIUSA, wrote extensively about origami and rights pertaining to origami.  You can view OrigamiUSA’s origami copyright document that we support at here.