Are you an origami creator?  Would you like to memorialize a origami figure?  Do you know details about traditional models not listed?  Are you interested in joining our board or would like to volunteer in other ways?  Here are a variety of opportunities!

Creator Submission:

Basic Criteria:

  • Your Name
  • State/Country
  • Portrait or other image to represent you

Origamist Gallery Criteria:

  • Artist Statement: In first person – half page max
  • Biography: Written in third person (under 1 page)
  • Virtual Presence: All your web presence you would like listed. Contact info can only be listed in your artist statement.
  • Origami Model Gallery Picture(s): You created AND folded
  • Model title(s) and simple label details


If you have a large quality of models, you can have multiple origamist pages that you reach by clicking on content topics images on your main origamist gallery. Each specific topic page can include an artist statement and specifics on those models.

Please apply here!

Memorial submissions

If you would like to memorialize an origamist no longer with us, please contact us.

Traditional model submissions

Images of traditional models including titles, key known history, and products or projects featuring them.

Board Members

Consult quarterly in this volunteer opportunity.


Help us build a museum in the way that best suits you. New types of leadership are welcome.

To submit your participant application please email Lisa B. Corfman at Lisa@OrigamiMuseum.org.