Recognition Wall

A huge thank you to our board, exhibitors, sponsors and patrons!

Board Acknowledgements

Lisa B. Corfman: Founder, President and Exhibitor (Since founding in 2017 to Present).  Lisa folds simply.  Here is an artwork with some of her creations. Lisa's museum highlights can be seen here.  Also, here is Lisa's work at the Origami Place.

Susan Dugan: Photography Director (Fall 2018 to Present).

Various Anonymous: Board Members and PR

Exhibitor Acknowledgements

Gerardo Gacharná Ramírez Gallery – Colombia

Sanja Srbljinovic Cucek Gallery – Croatia

Zelimir Zlatic Gallery - Croatia

Paul Jackson Gallery – Israel

Oriol Esteve Gracia Gallery – Spain

Lisa B. Corfman Gallery – MA, USA

Rachel Katz Gallery – NY, USA

Marc Kirschenbaum Gallery – NY, USA

Edmund Liang Gallery– CA, USA

Sponsor Acknowledgements

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Note of Thanks

Julia Bloom: Spring 2018 to June 2020 (Research Director and Secretary)

Julia was fundamental in our beginnings.  Julia’s website here tells about her. We share a letter of recommendation here and we presented her with a certificate of appreciation here and gift of thanks here.

Patron Acknowledgements... THANKS!

Thank you everyone, whether an artist, teacher, caretaker, enthusiast of any type and to all patrons of the arts!